January 21, 2017

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Audit procedures require accountants to deal with a lot of files.  For example, auditors reconcile hundreds of sales records with corresponding contracts, purchase orders, shipping notices, invoices and subsequent cash receipts.  In addition, many client companies keep these files as papers and PDF.  As a result, auditors are forced to manually read the files to check if the sales records are correct.  Auditors also have to handle large datasets, such as general ledger and sub-ledgers to find errors and frauds.
GenialAI supports those who want to fix these issues.  Auditors interact with GenialAI to automate the revenue testing and other audit procedures.  Let GenialAI take care of repetitive audit tasks. GenialAI also assists human judgments such as sampling.  Furthermore, GenialAI smoothly integrates with ERP systems to extract and analyze ledgers with AI.  This wil give auditors another tool to investigate accounting data.
At core, GenialAI adheres to the following four principles:


Does GenialAI make unpleasing changes?  Not at all.  GenialAI will not edit things without your review.  Moreover, GenialAI gets smarter as it learns from past user actions, but we know that going too far can turn things messy.  Algorithms are helpful but not perfect.  So, just leave routine analysis to GenialAI.  Only human can disentangle misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


GenialAI automatically processes data to eliminate technological issues like difference in file type and encoding.  Once a user gives a command, GenialAI analyzes the data to suggest possible modifications or enrichments by using algorithms and internal databases.  This suggestion liberates the user from manually finding data inconsistencies and manually fixing them.  Therefore, the user will be able to (go home earlier or) take more time communicating with people to treat things that only people can solve.


GenialAI takes advantage of cloud computing to save your time.  To provide you with the result quickly, GenialAI’s engine temporarily increases the background resource.  On the other hand, intuitive user interface solicits you to explore the functions.  No need to take time on searching online manuals.  Human-computer interaction is our priority.


All accounting data are confidential.  GenialAI turns on account control, separates database by customer and encrypts connections by default. Users can delete the data from the server at any time. We are under review to acquire an ISO 27001 (ISMS) certificate. Per request, SOC 2 reports will be provided.