FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for GenialAI OCR

  1. Do you store documents on your servers?

    Yes, we keep the documents for you to collaborate and share your data with others whom you grant access rights. You can always access, amend and delete your data after logging into your GenialAI account as stated in our Privacy Policy.

  2. How are our data protected on your servers?

    Your data, including your documents and OCR results, are encrypted with TLS1.2 in transit and with AES-256 at rest. Your password is hashed with SHA-512 so that nobody can decipher. Also, we have two-factor authentication and other password policy mechanisms to ensure your access controls are enforced.

  3. Is GenialAI OCR available for 24/7?


  4. Can we watch the demo to see how it works?

    Yes, we have a demo video available online. Please request a demo. We will send you the link right away.

  5. Can we use the free service for commercial purpose?

    Yes, you can use GenialAI OCR up to 100 pages per month for free for your business, and enjoy with the exactly same environment as the paid version. Please Sign up to start your trial.

  6. Do you store credit card data on your servers?

    No. We have no payment information on our servers. All subscription billing is managed by Stripe. Also, you can stop your GenialAI subscription anytime in your Monthly Usage as explained in our Terms of Service.

  7. My question is not on this page...

    Please contact us. We will get back to you right away.