How will your organization transform with GenialAI OCR?

Three Primary Benefits

  • Quick Win on ROI

    Easy setup and high-quality data extraction allow you to realize the cost reduction with a tiny amount of investment in the short term.

  • Cost Reduction

    Reducing 50% - 90% engineering hours with automation.

  • Improvement of Accuracy

    Improving data entry performance by reducing the error and time for rekeying data.
    Natural step-wise approaches by activating several functions in OCR templates.

    • Zoom/Rotation Adjustment: Automatically corrects skewed documents, scanned in different resolutions or captured with your smartphone.

    • Automatic Crop: Recognizes the area to read and removes other part.

    • Regular Expression: Fully customizable on how to extract data from the result.

Key Features

  • No coding

    You can configure everything on your browser.

  • Quick setup

    Prepare template to how to read the documents in a minute.

  • Any types of documents

    Invoice, shipping documents, contracts... You name it.

  • All-in-one scalability

    No need to download multiple independent software.

  • Service continuity

    The service has been maintained since July 2020.

  • No need to install software

    The minimum organizational change makes a huge impact.

  • Cross-dept. data sharing

    You can customize who can access the data on the cloud.

  • Data confidentiality

    Achieved ISMS ISO 27001 and has applied the standard.

  • Robust security

    Military-grade encryption is applied to data storage and data transfer.

  • Simple dashboard

    Easy to comprehend screen with no brainer.

Comparison with other products

In addition to the three primary benefits, GenialAI OCR features a simple, user-friendly dashboard, and robust security proved by ISMS/ISO 27001 certificate .


  • ISO 27001

    The information and data security certification shows our high credibility in information security management.

  • Secured data access

    GenialAI OCR offers two-factor authentication to limit the data access.

  • Data storage

    All the storage data, such as OCR results and password, are encrypted in transit (TLS1.2) and at rest (AES-256). They require authentication according your password policy to open.

  • Software update

    To maintain the security and operational excellence, we update the software based on the regular vulnerability assessment and the customer feedback.

Try the online AI-OCR for 30 days to optimize your process

  • Setup an account for free OCR scan all documents up to 100 pages
  • Enjoy the trial with the exactly same environment as the paid version
  • Data confidentiality and security are guaranteed

System requirements

Browser Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge (Chromium-based)
Internet access 20 Mbps or faster (download and upload)