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Online service to convert your PDF documents to a spreadsheet

Isn't it painful to process transactions with paper documents accurately? This manual task wastes your precious time. GenialAI OCR improves your productivity by reading the PDF documents with AI-OCR and converting images to a spreadsheet format. With GenialAI OCR, PDF documents will be easier for computers to understand. You can take advantage of spreadsheet software and revise the OCR results in the way you prefer.

GenialAI is especially useful in dealing with accounting documents, such as contracts, purchase orders, shipping documents and invoices. GenialAI OCR came from GenialAI Audit, targeting to professional auditors in accounting firms, and GenialAI OCR is built based on their feedback.

  • Save your time with the power of AI

    Save your time with the power of AI

  • Only $0.50/page The first 100 pages are free

    Only $0.50/page
    The first 100 pages are free

  • Download the OCR results in CSV format

    Download the OCR results in CSV format

How it works

Advanced OCR engine that understands the structure of a paper document

Other OCR services are easy to use but limited in functionality. Most of them cannot understand what is written in which part of the document. GenialAI OCR's template feature enables you to quickly configure how to read the documents in a minute. Also, GenialAI allows you to revise the OCR results on your browser. The ability to edit the OCR settings and results online will save your post-processing time, compared with other OCR services that only give you unstructured text data.

Customize the OCR template and auto-apply it to your PDF documents

Empowered by the smart feature, GenialAI OCR automatically detect OCR template for each PDF page. We ask you to only setup OCR templates and upload PDF files, all through your web browser. GenialAI automatically takes care of the heavy lifting, assigning PDF pages to appropriate OCR templates, cropping, rotating, reading the pages and converting them to structured OCR results.

These features are optimized for the audit, where hundreds of departments in numerous corporations issue various types of documents.

Project management and multi-language compatibility

GenialAI OCR accommodates customers ranging from sole practitioners to corporate teams. The online project management system enables multiple users to access multiple OCR projects at the same time, and you can control the access rights. Online project and role-based user management systems are ready in GenialAI OCR.

GenialAI reads not only in English but also in other languages. You can easily share PDF documents and OCR results with international counterparts through GenialAI OCR.


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GenialAI OCR
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