January 21, 2017


Leadership Team

Aki Abekawa

Founder and CEO
Aki Abekawa is a visionary business leader, an experienced accountant and an IT expert. Before founding Genial Technology, he joined Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business in order to get an MBA, develop IT skills and pursue entrepreneurship.  Aki studied machine learning and natural language processing and incorporated them into GenialAI’s architecture.  In addition, he completed Cloud Computing course with Java, Python, Scala and SQL where he led a team with two software engineers, which became an acknowledged team in Spring 2016.
After passing Japan CPA exam, Aki joined System Process Assurance department at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.  As an IT expert, he took an active part in information technology audit projects and data analysis as a member of Data Management Group.  To prove his knowledge about information systems, he acquired certifications like CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and Systems Auditor (governmental license in Japan).  At the international accounting firm, Aki worked for 37 information technology audit and 12 accounting audit/advisory projects.  He dealt with international accounting standards such as IFRS and the accounting standards in the US.  He also gained tax advisory experience as he worked at a tax consulting firm.

Hiten C Trivedi

Hiten is an innovative technology leader with a business development mindset and brings in 17 years of extensive business technology experience. His areas of expertise are business development and Product Strategy with focus on digital transformation – IoT, AI, cloud and analytics enablement. He brings in a unique blend of business & technology expertise with a big-picture vision, and a drive to make that vision a reality.

Hiten has led Architecture and Analytics Strategy in IT business technology division of PG&E. He has spearheaded both, on-prem and cloud infrastructure portfolio implementations while laying out a clear strategy to migrate from legacy platforms to forward looking virtualized, software defined infrastructure for PG&E’s future private cloud infrastructure which would serve as the foundation of the “Grid of Things” enterprise initiatives. He has also evangelized and led the layout of the implementation plan for PG&E’s enterprise analytic platform including Hadoop and SAS Grid for future analytics and predictive modeling use cases. His other areas of focus are machine learning and cognitive analytics for making the technology infrastructure more smarter to learn from the Smart Grid data and take proactive actions based on the intelligence the systems build using ML/NLP algorithms.

Prior to this, Hiten worked at Cisco and GE where he led business development efforts and crafting industrial solutions for smart grid and smart cities opportunities in the utilities and energy business unit. He had also led the proof of concepts and executive briefing center (EBC) discussions for showcasing new and leading solutions that could be offered to its customers based on their future needs.

Development Team

Seeking Talent

Cloud Software Developer
We are looking for talents in back-end engineering who have natural language processing experience.  This is because we need to address challenging problems. For example, we would tackle clustering and encoding of records in accounting data.  If you are interested in working at Genial Technology, Inc., please contact to info@genialtech.io.