January 21, 2017


Leadership Team

Aki Abekawa

Founder and CEO
Aki Abekawa is a visionary business leader, an experienced accountant and an IT expert. Before founding Genial Technology®, he joined Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business in order to get an MBA, develop IT skills and pursue entrepreneurship.  Aki studied machine learning and natural language processing and incorporated them into GenialAI’s architecture.  In addition, he completed Cloud Computing course with Java, Python, Scala and SQL where he led a team with two software engineers, which became an acknowledged team in Spring 2016.
After passing Japan CPA exam, Aki joined System Process Assurance department at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.  As an IT expert, he took an active part in information technology audit projects and data analysis as a member of Data Management Group.  To prove his knowledge about information systems, he acquired certifications like CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and Systems Auditor (governmental license in Japan).  At the international accounting firm, Aki worked for 37 information technology audit and 12 accounting audit/advisory projects.  He dealt with international accounting standards such as IFRS and the accounting standards in the US.  He also gained tax advisory experience as he worked at a tax consulting firm.

Development Team

Seeking Talent

Cloud Software Developer
We are looking for talents in back-end engineering who have natural language processing experience.  This is because we need to address challenging problems. For example, we would tackle automated interpretation of contract data.  If you are interested in working at Genial Technology, Inc., please contact to info@genialtech.io.