January 21, 2017


Leadership Team

Aki Abekawa

Founder and CEO
Aki Abekawa is a visionary business leader, an experienced accountant and an IT expert. Before founding Genial Technology®, he joined Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business in order to get an MBA, develop IT skills and pursue entrepreneurship.  Aki studied machine learning and natural language processing and incorporated them into GenialAI’s architecture.  In addition, he completed Cloud Computing course with Java, Python, Scala and SQL where he led a team with two software engineers, which became an acknowledged team in Spring 2016.
After passing Japan CPA exam, Aki joined System Process Assurance department at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.  As an IT expert, he took an active part in information technology audit projects and data analysis as a member of Data Management Group.  To prove his knowledge about information systems, he acquired certifications like CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and Systems Auditor (governmental license in Japan).  At the international accounting firm, Aki worked for 37 information technology audit and 12 accounting audit/advisory projects.  He dealt with international accounting standards such as IFRS and the accounting standards in the US.  He also gained tax advisory experience as he worked at a tax consulting firm.

Masaki Satake

Co-founder and CTO
Masaki is a SaaS engineering expert, fluent in 7 computer languages, and has over 10-year programming experience.  Before joining Genial Technology®, he worked at Caloo Co., Ltd., which is a medical startup with 10-year business records of providing online services.  At Caloo, Masaki led the engineering effort to develop and maintain clinic appointment systems and medical recruitment websites.  As the in-charge of the products, he classified user comments, prioritized product backlogs, and carefully implemented those by creating specifications, designs, and source codes.  Also, he built a core function to crawl recruitment websites, dealing with exceptional cases and intricate conditions on a test-driven development approach.
Prior to Caloo, Masaki experienced industry level engineering at Hamee Corp., a 23-year-old venture business that focuses on e-commerce.  His main task was to develop and manage Hamee's interfaces with online shopping websites via API or CSV, especially the reconciliation of inventory information.  As part of this duty, he launched an administrative GUI to manage file format conversion patterns.  For internal usage, he coded Google Chrome extensions and NLP visualization web service.  Masaki also played a role as the in-charge of training courses and supported novice engineering members.
He established the solid foundation of coding by studying in the Doctoral Program in the Graduate Department of Computer and Information Systems at the University of Aizu, which is a cutting-edge research hub to expand international computer science research networks.